Wiz Kalifa with Amber Rose Tattoo

that’s all well with the reputation as a pimp. Now the rapper has to be reversed even then only to the seat piddler. According to reports, the sting had already Wiz Kalifa an Amber Rose Tattoo.

How long the two are now a couple? 3 months? As Kanye West’s Ex must indeed have quite flat out to Wiz after a few months to wrap around your finger, or to blow your mind.

The tattoo of the word “Amb” incidentally sits on his thumbs, so he jumps every right in the face. According to rumors, Kanye left the bald-headed femme fatale by the way, because she had betrayed him. But perhaps it is time a serious case. If not, then it will hit vigorously Wizzy, because he is totally on fire for Miss Rose:

She is the best girl in the world. Me this is all pretty serious. Many people think it would be only as an image history. But in reality, only two have great people, made at the right time!

Amber Rose TattooAmber Rose Tattoo

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