The Buddhist Pali Incantation Tattoo

The buddhist pali incantation is often used as the tattoo design for some people. There is also an international artist who uses this as the tattoo image on her body she is Angelina Jolie. She made a tattoo on their left shoulder with the buddhist pali incantation. It is very popular and all people are looking at the tattoo. It is in Cambodia language. The function of the tattoo is to protect her adopted son from Cambodia and her from anything bad. So, it has a meaning for her.

Tattoo is the trend that is always up to date. Tattoo is also categorized as the hot world fashion. There are many people who have tattoo on their body. It is very popular not only in Hollywood but also almost all over the world. The buddhist pali incantation is one of the inspirations that can be chosen.

Some years ago, tattoo is only an image that is pain on our body or part of our body. There are some images that we can choose. We can choose any kinds of images we want. However now, everything is developed. Tattoo now can be a phrase or symbols that can represent something. One of them is the buddhist pali incantation tattoo.

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