Sanskrit Tutorials

Learn Sanskrit Online

A collection of instructional material that can help you to learn Sanskrit, including Sanskrit songs, Games. Interactive Sanskrit Online

Learn Sanskrit grammar, pronouns, gender and Sanskrit tenses

Learn Sanskrit grammar, Sanskrit phonology, syntax, Sanskrit pronouns, Sanskrit gender, Sanskrit tenses, etc. Interactive Sanskrit Lessons

Interactive Sanskrit lessons to Sanskrit grammar and sentence formation rules, vocabulary

The series of twelve lessons is aimed at giving the student a reasonably good introduction to the language. The student will be able to frame sentences relating to daily activities in life and thus will gain enough confidence to converse in Sanskrit though with a smaller vocabulary to begin with. The structure of the lessons is quite different from that of lessons found in conventional Sanskrit primers. It is hoped that the twelve lessons would provide enough details for the student to understand the basic grammar of Sanskrit and sentence formation rules. Interactive Sanskrit Lessons

Learn Sanskrit by reading free e book of Charles Wikner

Free scanned e book of Charles Wikner containing 15 introductory lessons on the Sanskrit Language and Devanagari Script Free e book by charles wikner

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