Sanskrit Tattoo Symbols

Om :sanskrit tattoo symbol 1

Om is most powerful word in all the religions .If you chant OM it will take away all your despairs and take you closer to god.When god thought of creating universe,his thought was converted into sound (OM) and it created the universe.

sanskrit tattoo
Click to see meaning of Lotus as in indian folk arts

Padma or lotus :sanskrit tattoo symbol 2

Padma symblises everything that is divine and pure.In hindu mythology,Lotus springs from navel of vishnu and uncovers Bramha who is creator of world.It is one of names of goddess laxmi.

sanskrit tattoo

Sudarshan chakra : sanskrit tattoo symbol 3

It is symbol of enlightment.Lord vishnu uses it for killing demons.It also symbolises control of lord over universe,galaxy and planets.

sanskrit tattoo

Swastik : Sanskrit tattoo symbol 4

It is very pious symbol and brings good luck to you.It is marked on many vedic temples.

sanskrit tattoo

Mandala: Sanskrit tattoo symbol 5

Its a diagram that is used as tool to create spritual space to aid you in assisting trans state.

sanskrit tattoo

Trishul :sanskrit tattoo symbol 6

Its three points represent creation,destruction and maintainence.It also symbolises a place where past,present and future meets.

sanskrit tattoo

Tripundra : Sanskrit tattoo symbol 7

Three lines of holy ash signifies burning of any worldly desires and a dot(bindu) at the center represents Spiritual insight. sanskrit tattoo

Trikonam : Sanskrit Tattoo symbol 8

Its the symbol of supreme power and shows his absolute being. sanskrit tattoo

Saubhagyavati :Sanskrit Tattoo symbol 9

A married women is blesses by 5 things in her house :Laxmi padas (Goddess Laxmi’s Footsteps), vermilion powder pot,bangles,comb and mirror

sanskrit tattoo

Kalasha : Sanskrit Tattoo symbol 10

Kalasha is a sacred pot used in pujas.Its symbol of wisdom, and immortality.

sanskrit tattoo

Shatkona : Sanskrit tattoo symbol 11

It symbolises the union of male and female.

sanskrit tattoo

Kalachakra: Sanskrit tattoo symbol 12

Its wheel of time and symbolies that space and time are interwoven.

sanskrit tattoo

Astalakshmi : Sanskrit tattoo symbol 13

Its star of laxmi (goodess) and represents wealth.

sanskrit tattoo

Sri Yantra : Sanskrit tattoo symbol 14

formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the bindu point, the junction point between the physical universe and its unmanifest source. It represents Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance on all levels.

sanskrit tattoo

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