Importance of Sanskrit Tattoos

Why Sanskrit Tattoos?

Sanskrit tattoos are craze these days because lots of Hollywood celebrities have Sanskrit tattoos these day.

Long list of celebrities with Sanskrit tattoos :

Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee, Kimberly Wyatt, Alyssa Milano, Gillian Anderson, David Beckham, Theo Walcott

Sanskrit tattoos brings you closer to god

Sanskrit tattoos are beautiful to look at and carries deep spiritual meanings. Sanskrit language is mother of all languages. Vedas were written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit gives a lot of importance to sound and all Sanskrit verses are written in prose style. Sanskrit is older than Latin and holds same position in Asia as Latin holds in Europe. At every ritual Sanskrit, hymns and mantras are must to please gods. Sanskrit is language of gods. Sanskrit is most systematic language and its pronunciations are natural. Tattoos reflect your personality and there is no better language than Sanskrit in deep meanings and spiritualism. Sanskrit tattoos are eye catching and brings you closer to god. They give you blessing of god and gives you positive thoughts and vibrations. You can have short verses on wrist. If you want complete Sanskrit shloka as your tattoo, please do it on your chest or back. Sanskrit tattoos are written in Devanagari.

Ideas for Sanskrit tattoos:

You can get a sanskrit shloka or verse.

You can get your name translated in Sanskrit

You can use symbols from Vedic times like om, swastik, etc.

You can get English phrase translated in English

List of Sanskrit Tattoos

  1. Abhayasa : Constant pratice अभ्यास
  2. Acharya Spritual guide or master : आचार्य
  3. Advaita Oneness with all अद्वैत
  4. Agni God of fire अग्नि
  5. Amitabh Buddha of unparalled splendor अमिताभ
  6. Amrit One who does not die अमृत
  7. aparigraha Avoid Greed and be content with what you have अपरिग्रह
  8. asteya Non stealing .Do not takeanything that belongs to you अस्तेय
  9. ahinsa Non violence अहिंसा
  10. brahamcharya Moderation self control strength of will sexual restraint ब्रहमचर्य
  11. satya Truthfullness सत्य
  12. niyama Self restraint नियम
  13. santosh Happiness and satisfaction संतोष
  14. tapas Burning desire to achieve self realization तपस
  15. svadhyaya Self Observation and self study स्वाध्याय
  16. Ishwar Pranidhana Surrender to god इश्वर प्रनिधना
  17. Bhakti To lova and revere भक्ति
  18. Bindu Point where divine energy converges बिंदु
  19. Bodhi Enlightenment बोधी
  20. bodhisattva One who is on path of attaining enlightenment बोधिसत्त्व
  21. Bramha Creator of Universe ब्रम्हा
  22. Brahmana One endowed with Purity and wisdom ब्राह्मण
  23. Bramha Vihar Dwelling in absolute reality ब्रम्ह विहार
  24. Buddhi Higher Intelligence बुद्धि
  25. Buddha Awakened One बुद्ध
  26. Karuna Compassion करुणा
  27. Mitra Friend मित्र
  28. Maitra Love मैत्र
  29. Mudita Joy मुदित
  30. Upeksa Equanimity उपेक्ष
  31. Chakra Wheels of energy चक्र

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    hi, I am looking for the meaning of ‘the love for you brother/sister’ in sanskrit. Where can I find this?

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