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Check Michael Cera Neck Tattoo!

Have you seen michael cera neck tattoo? This movie superstar who is known for his role on Juno and Youth and Revolt gives a spicy surprise that can make you a bit shocked. He usually plays as a geek or maybe a nerd boy in the movie but now he takes something different because so many magazines now are talking about michael cera neck tattoo. Well, it is very surprising actually and no one ever thought that Michael Cera will do a tattoo.

If you are curious after you got this news, you can try to search the new picture of him. He had full tattoo on the neck, a bit weird and too hardcore such a member of the metal band. He also got his piercing on both ears with the big hole. This is very shocking news for them who like Cera with his geeky look on the movies. Some people are really curious about him and his new style. This is very good for you to get to know about the michael cera neck tattoo.

He’s different now and his tattoo is a bit too much for some fans. If you want to see michael cera neck tattoo, simply check them now and be ready to get shocked!

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