Yoga Symbols and Meanings in Life

Yes, yoga is very popular around the world and here is the brief review of the yoga symbols and meanings in life. The most popular yoga symbol is the Om and Aum. If you are interested to learn and practice yoga then this is the brief review of the yoga symbols and meanings.

The Om and Aum is the most sacred symbol in Hinduism.  The yoga symbols and meanings are representing the sound of universe and three deities in the Hindu Trinity. The Hindu Trinity is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva thus the vibration of the three aspects A-U-M represents the fullness of creation. The A is represents the beginning of life and Brahma is the god of creation in Hinduism. The U is represents the sustenance of the universe and it is between creation and destruction. Vishnu is the god that can transform into avatar and keep the balance of the universe until the destruction time. The M is represents the end of universe and the god of this stage is Shiva.

The yoga symbols and meanings also represents the condition of human energy which is can be awakened, sustained and ended to obtain better life through intensive training in yoga positions. Please visit related websites to find further information about the yoga symbols and meanings.

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