Amrapali Nagarvadhu of Vaishali

Extraordinary life of Amrapali : Courtsean to Buddhist Monk

How amrapali got her name

Amrapali was found in mango grove of Vaishali as a child.Hence she was named Amrapali.She later grew up to be most attractive thing in Vaishali.
Everyone wanted to Marry Amrapali.A fight broke up among the youths of Vaishali to win the hand of Amrapali.To prevent the fight,Amrapali became Nagarvadhu
of Vaishali (Wife of everyone).As a nagarvadhu Amrapali entertained the whole Vaishali with her dance and singing performences.People of vaishali were
mesmerised by her beauty and grace.Her fame soon spread to the kingdom of Magadh.

Amrapali and Bimbisara

Magadha was neighbouring kingdom of Vaishali.At that time there was on going war between Magadh and Vaishali.Bimbisara was king of Magadh.He was also a
good singer.He heard about the beauty of Amrapali.He disguised himself as singer and went to Vaishali.He took refuge in Amrapali’s House in disguise of
a singer.Both fell in Love.One day Bimbisara proposed to Amrapali and revealed his identity.

Amrapali refused him saying that the she is married to Vaishali but pleaded with him to stop the on going war between Magadh and Vaishali.Heartbroken
Bimbisara left her place.Later Bimbisara called off the war between Magadh and Vaishali.

Historical Inaccuricies on the life of Amrapali

Some historians claim that the Amrapali fell in love with Ajatshatru (Son of Bimbisara).There is not much proof left to support the claim of either
group.Some claim that she gave birth to one of son of bimbisara named “Vimala Kondanna”.He later became a monk.

Amrapali learns the true meaning of happiness

Amrapali felt sad after bimbisara left her place.Her performences lost the magic and grace.She felt miserable in life.One day she saw a buddhist monk.
She was mesmerised by the calm presence.She followed him and asked him the secret of his happiness.The monk told Amrapali that Buddha’s teachings have
given peace and calmness to his life.He told her that Buddha is in Vaishali and she should go and see him if she wants true happiness in life.Amrapali
went to the palce where buddha was giving the lectures.She was mesmerised by the teachings of Buddha.

Amrapali becomes a buddhist monk

The words of buddha soothed her and filled her with peace.She invited Gautam Buddha to her place.The royal family of Vaishali disapproved of this
because Amrapali was a courtsean and advised buddha against accepting the offer.But Buddha ignored their ill advices and went to see Amrapali.
She served the buddha with total devotion.Buddha was impressed with her devotion and admitted her in his sangha.Amrapali gifted her house and garden to be
used as monastery and left the life of courtsean.Amrapali is mentioned in many Pali and Sanskrit literatues for her extraordinary life.

Amrapali In popular media

Amrapali Movie 1966 watch online

In 1966 Lekh tandon directed the movie Amrapali.Vyjayanthimala played the role of Amrapali.AMrapali’s love interest was played by Sunil Dutt.The movie
flopped but has some good songs and dance sequences.You can watch movie amrapali on youtube.I have placed here first 3 parts of movie Amrapali:

Amrapali 1966 movie part 1

Amrapali 1966 movie part 2

Amrapali 1966 movie part 3

Hema malini directed a story on Amrapali on her television show “women of India”.

Watch Amrapali Tv show part 1

Watch Amrapali Tv show Part 2

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